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Paint touch-up bottles

Touching up minor paint defects has never been so easy. CROP offers a wide range of touch-up bottles and touch-up tips for reparing small paint damage and stone chips. You can also give your customer a touch up bottle with his car paint color, imprinted with your name to promote your business. Touch-up tips for car paint have a lint-free cotton ball on the front. These thin touch-up tips can be used to accurately repair car paint damages. These products are extremely popular when repairing minor paint damage, stone chips or parking damage.

Touch-up bottles for car paint

Paint touch-up bottles are plastic bottles with a lid and integrated brush to touch up car paint. Supplied with a rust-free chromated mixing bullet which makes this touch-up bottle suitable for water and solvent based paints. Semi-transparent.  Our empty touch-up car paint bottles are extremely popular among car paint repair companies. Great for use as sample bottles for paints and oils etc.

Touch-up tips

Touch-up tips are ideal for touching up small paint damage and stone chips. There is no way to avoid ever getting a stone chip in your paintwork. However, you can easily repair it yourself. The plastic shaft with plush-free tip is disposable, convenient and cheaper than a classic brush. Always a clean tip at hand! Touch-up tips can also be used as a pencil. By changing the pressure, you receive a bigger or smaller print. Ideal for making small lines. Available in 3 thicknesses:

  • Blue (regular) PMP 20 = 2,0mm
  • Yellow (fine) PMP 21 = 1,5mm
  • White (very fine) PMP 22 = 1,0mm
    • Thickness of the applicator = 3,28mm

Felt applicator for primer

A primer applicator is a special lint-free cotton swab to accurately apply primer when mounting and sealing car windows. The applicator fits in small primer bottles.