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Protect Your Spray Booth Floor

Paint booths are an investment that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The beauty of a paint booth is with proper care and maintenance they can last 40 years. Our spray booth products can be used to maintain a clean, well functioning paint booth. Change your paint booth filters routinely. A paint booth should have a visual gauge called a manometer to help know when the filters need changed. Protect paint booth walls and floors with our dirt trap protection products. It creates better visibility for technicians and a more pleasant shop look for collision repair customers.

Self adhesive mats

Prevent contaminants from entering the booth with self adhesive mats. Easily peeled and replaced, these adhesive mats are placed outside the booth to trap dirt and dust from painters’ shoes, vehicles’ tires and carts’ wheels before they enter the paint booth.

Colad Film4Floor

Colad Fillm4Floor is a transparent, protective, self adhesive film that can be applied to mask your booth walls. Protects your spray booth walls from overspray and is easily removed by simply peeling off the layers one by one when contaminated.

Spray Booth Floor Coating

There are many reasons why you should look into floor covering. One of the most important reasons is safety. If there is a large degree of paint buildup, residue, and other debris on your paint booth floor, you are putting both yourself and others at risk if there should be a fire or other accident. A floor coating features a non-slip texture which prevents slipping during spraying or while carrying parts. When it comes to protecting your floor, there are many choices

  • Spray covering (should be re-applied after every two cars in the spray booth)
  • Floor film (heavy duty floor protection)
  • Floor paper (similar to floor film)
  • Plastic flooring (durable option that can be reused)