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Spray Cup System

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Colad Snap Lid System

Complete set of Colad Snap Lid paint application system excisting of mixing cups and snap lids. Colad Snap Lid paint application system turns your mixing cup in to a paint cup, making painting as simple as Mix, Snap & Go! With different sizes of paint cups and 4 different micron built-in filters Snap Lid is the paint application system for every paint job. The built-in micron filters(90, 130, 190 & 280) offer a paint straining solution in the painting process.

3M PPS Spray Cup System

Reinvented from top to bottom, it’s designed to help make your life easier. To make your painting process cleaner and faster. And to make you a better, more productive painter — more confident in the quality of your work and better able to exceed the expectations of your customers and your shop.

3M Lid and Liner Kits

Every lid comes equipped with a quarter-turn lid locking system ensuring a quick, clean seal with the cup in every application. Full diameter filters improve flow, ensure quality and reduce spitting.

Finixa FPS Paint System

Finixa paint system is the easist and simplest system on the market. The lid fits FINIXA mixing cup 400ml, 650ml and 900ml. FPS paint system can be fitted directly onto the spray gun by means of a quick connect coupling. No paint loss/remainders: the cup can be completely sprayed empty. This substantially saves money and time to clean spray guns, fit for both solvent and water based paints. Strainer 125μm (green) Strainer and valve installed, no assembly needed. Lids and cups sold separately substantially saving paint system components, nothing is wasted.

SATA RPS Cup System

SATA RPS (Rapid Preparation System) is the cup system for bodyshops emphasising perfect painting finishes and high efficiency. SATA RPS facilitates the painters’ work, significantly enhances the bodyshops’ productivity and critically reduces the use of cleaning agents and solvents. Learn more about the specific features of SATA RPS and the advantages you will have!

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