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Car Covers & Protectors

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  1. Car-Cover Stretch - Black Satin
    Car-Cover Stretch - Black Satin
    €145.19 €119.99 Retail price €205.69
  2. Nylon Versnellingspookhoes
    EUROMASK Nylon Gear-Shift Cover
    €4.46 €3.69 Retail price €7.26
  3. CROP Car Seat Cover - Reuseable
    CROP Car Seat Cover - Reuseable
    €15.11 €12.49 Retail price €48.39
  4. Nylon Stoelhoes
    EUROMASK Nylon Seat Cover
    €19.88 €16.43 Retail price €26.50
  5. Papieren Vloermatten 250 stuks op rol
    Paper Floor Mats on Roll - 250 pieces
    €27.64 €22.84 Retail price €36.84
  6. Bandenhoezen & Bandenzakken Large op rol
    EUROMASK Tire Covers and Bags on Roll - Large
    €41.82 €34.56 Retail price €58.99
  7. Bandenhoezen & Bandenzakken Extra Large op rol
    EUROMASK Tire Covers and Bags on Roll - Extra Large
    €50.74 €41.93 Retail price €72.00
  8. Stuurwielbeschermingshoezen
    EUROMASK Steering Wheel Protection Covers
    €99.23 €82.01 Retail price €159.72
  9. Paper Floor Mats on a plastic film / 500 pieces
    Paper Floor Mats on a plastic film / 500 pieces
    €56.99 €47.10 Retail price €75.99
  10. Nylon Stuurhoes
    EUROMASK Nylon Steering Wheel Cover
    €6.69 €5.53 Retail price €9.68
  11. Bandenhoezen & Bandenzakken XX Large op rol
    EURO-MASK Tire Covers and Bags on Roll - XX Large
    €52.96 €43.77 Retail price €75.02
  12. Paint Masking Canvas Wheel Covers JUMBO of canvas for wheels of 22 inch / 4 pieces
    FINIXA Wheel Covers / 250 pieces
    €46.65 €38.55 Retail price €62.19
  13. Wheel Arch Cover
    Wheel Arch Cover
    €17.88 €14.78 Retail price €23.84
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Items 1-24 of 37

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Car covers for protecting your vehicle

If waking up on a frosty morning to a car that needs de-icing before you can begin your journey to work sounds like a pain to you, then consider investing in a car cover to protect your vehicle from frost and snow overnight. In addition to protecting your car against external weather influences, a car cover also protects against UV-rays, bird droppings, tree sap and vandalism. Fully waterproof, car covers are also an excellent option on a more long-term basis, to keep a vehicle that you perhaps don’t use every day clean and protected from dirt, scratches and debris. 

Floor mats

Floor mats can be used to protect the interior of your car. Car mats are the first thing that gets dirty during car repair. CROP offers different types of floormats

  • Plastic footmats: water repellent and stronger
  • Paper footmats: absorb water and dirt, however less resistant than plastic footmats

Car seat covers

We carry a variety of car seat covers to keep your vehicle's upholstery protected from wear and tear during car repair. They range from basic slip on to custom fit. It is also possible to order seat covers with your own logo.

Steering wheel covers

During a repair, cars are regularly moved. To prevent damage to the steering wheel, we recommend using a steering wheel cover. A steering wheel cover or steering wheel film can be used to protect the steering wheel. It comes with a handy built-in handle to unroll the film.

Wheel covers

Wheel covers does not only protect the wheel, but the entire wheel well area (tire, well & rim) against overspray. The wheel cover also prevents dust from coming out of the wheel well while spraying.

Gear shift covers

The gear shift is also widely used when moving and parking a car during repair. A gear stick cover prevents unnecessary dirt and possible damage.

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