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Spray Bottles & Pressure Sprayers

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Chemical resistant spray bottles & pressure sprayers

Pressure car sprayers and pump sprays are used when spraying liquids. Our pressure sprayers are made of high quality viton parts and are resistant to most acids and aggressive liquids! The sprayers have been specially developed for use in the most demanding professional treatments in: Pest Control, Industry, Cleaning and Disinfection, Construction, Automotive and all industrial workshops. Designed for professional use with the most aggressive chemicals in various sectors. Particularly resistant to acids with the highest performance in terms of safety and ease of use.

Pump spray for degreasers

We have a vast range of colour coded spray bottle pumps, car spray bottles and pump up sprays available for both commercial and domestic use. Along with hand sprayers and car spray bottles, we offer industrial pressure sprayers, chemical resistant sprayers, liquid sprayers for acid products and sprayers for alkaline products. These heavy duty bottles can be used to apply spray waxes, window cleaners, carpet cleaners, dressings and more.

Colour coded sprayers

Our car sprayers are supplied with color identification cards and coding rings, so that multiple sprayers can be used for different applications. Thanks to the striking colors, different liquids can easily be kept apart.

Foam lance & snow foamers

Thanks to the precision and design you can generate the foam that suits you best! This cleaning sprayer is ideal for in the automotive industry. Thanks to the precision and design, the foam can be adjusted as desired. The spray pump contains FPM seals and has been specially developed for intensive use. The foam atomizer is made from high-quality materials that are resistant to chemicals and all kinds of shampoos. In addition, it contains 3 valves to determine the humidity of foam. The foam sprayers can be used for

  • Cleaning of upholstery, carpets and rugs
  • Care and cleaning of vehicles with snow foam
  • Cleaning and disinfection of public facilities
  • Washing of industrial machinery, trucks and trailers
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