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Adhesives, Seam Sealers & Resins

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Adhesives, Seam Sealers & Resins for Automotive

You do not always need to replace a car part that is worn, damaged or broken. There is an increasingly wide range of sealants and adhesives that allow you to make satisfactory repairs, thus saving the cost of buying a new auto part. The use of automotive adhesives, seam sealers and resins is widespread, from something as small as a sensor to something as large as a vehicle chassis. A vast range of sealants and adhesives are available for repairing many different components in your car and vehicle. Plastics, wood, rubber, glass and metals can all be repaired using adhesives. Sealants can be used to waterproof weatherseals around windows, while cracks in metal casings can be sealed with a special putty adhesive.


Welding and soldering are not the only bonding methods around anymore: Adhesion is a safe and fast method. Glues bond a wide array of automotive assemblies, including windshields, brakes, wire harnesses and exterior trim. We offer professional automotive adhesives of brands such as 3M, Colad, Loctite, Finixa and Sika.

Windshield Adhesives

Glass adhesives can be used to bond windscreens, side and rear windows. Urethane windshield adhesive is a range of one component polyurethane adhesives designed to cure quickly and allow a fast drive away time. Designed for windshield bonding and stationary glass attachment.

Seam Sealers

Automotive seam sealer allows to be applied in various finishes to match original equipment manufacturer (OEM) appearance and provides a permanent firm and flexible seal. It restores original spray finish in engine compartment, on all overlap joints and floor pans.

  • No shrinkage
  • Flexible as anti-chip coating
  • Can be sprayed, brushed or extruded


Epoxy resins are combined with a hardener or curing agent in order to achieve polymerisation. It then reacts with the hardener or curing agent and cures into a very strong adhesive, which is why it’s such a popular option for the automotive industry. Polyester epoxy resins have been specially developed to fill and repair large holes and cracks in surfaces. An epoxy resin is used in combination with a fiberglass mat that serves as reinforcement.