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Stanley Knives & Window Scrapers

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Don't cut yourself!

Stanley knives and windshield scrapers for safe, fast and effortless cutting of masking foil, masking paper and removing car paint from windscreens. Masking a car or vehicle is often an annoying job. Our stanley knives and stanley window scrapers are made of high-quality materials so materials can be cut and removed effortlesly.

Stanley knife

A stanley knife is strong and heavy duty, allowing you to get on with the job in hand. Stanley knives come with a range of features, including one-button blade-change mechanism that allows you to change the blade quickly and safely. Safety cutters cut many types of materials including cardboard, drywall, plastic sheeting, leather, and more. Nowadays, stanley knives are still very popular film cutters. Please note that a stanley knife is more dangerous to use than a special foil cutter.

Window scrapers

Window scrapers for removing car paint, resin and adhesives from windscreens. Our window paint scraper is a small, palm-sized, scraper with a retractable blade that transitions quickly from hand to pocket and back again. The single edge scraper uses standard 1 1/2-inch blades, which means replacements are easy to come by. These scrapers will not leave scratches on your car windscreen! 

Window Scraper Blades

The locking system eliminates blades from dangerously sliding out while working. Push forward on the non-slip button trigger and the blade is ready to be used. Push once more to change the blades easily.

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