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Masking Paper

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Automotive Masking Paper

Masking paper is a professional and quick way to mask large areas. Ideal for property protection against paint splatter or paint over-spray. When spraying car paint, a cloud of paint is generated and deposited in areas near the surface. Car masking is a crucial step for car painting and car detailing because it ensures that car paint and overspray do not get on the wrong car parts. When masking cars or vehicles, dust particles and all other contaminants are eliminated. It is also possible to protect certain car parts or areas of high exposure to heat during the drying process of car spray paint. The main objective of masking cars is to protect certain areas that we do not want to paint.

Brown Painters Paper

Painters brown masking paper is perfect for use with both water-borne and solvent-borne car spray paints. Use with masking tape to mask off any area you want to keep clean when painting and decorating, or masking prior to plastering and rendering. Brown paper is extra absorbent.

White Masking Paper

White masking paper is specially treated to resist heat from paint booths and penetration by

  • paint solvents
  • urethanes
  • base coats
  • clear coats

It is tightly bonded, virtually eliminating lint or fiber contamination that can occur using paper masking. Painters paper is thin but its conformable construction makes it easy to handle, boosting shop efficiency. Ideal for collision repair. 

Masking Paper Dispenser

CROP offers various types of masking paper dispensers

  • A wall mountable masking paper dispenser
  • A floor standing masking paper dispenser
  • A mobile masking paper trolley

Overspray Protection

Our painters paper blocks solvents used in today's gelcoats and car paints from soaking through and contaminating underlying surfaces. Our tightly bonded, specially coated automotive masking paper offers excellent resistance to paint solvents, urethanes, base coats and clear coats