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Mixing Sticks

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Paint Mixing Sticks

Paint mixing sticks are paint stir sticks specially designed for accurate and efficient colour mix when painting. Our paint stirrers have specially 'sculpted' edges that scrape all paint from the liner wall to help ensure accurate color mix.

Wooden Paint Stir Sticks

Wooden mixing sticks ideal for mixing resins, silicones, pigments, fillers and other composites materials. These high quality long wooden mixing sticks are free from surface contamination and splinters making them the ideal disposable choice for a wide range of mixing duties.

Colad Turbomix Paintsaver Paint Stirrer

Colad Paintsaver Stirrers are the most professional mixing sticks for stirring car paint and clearcoats. Perfect consistency and pigment blend are crucial for a spotless end result. Mixing paint with the Turbomix Paintsaver paint stirrer speeds up the process, reduces paint wastage and ensures a perfect result! The benefits of Colad Turbomix Paintsaver:

  • Extra strong
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Save up to 40% mixing time with metallic paints
  • Save up to 30% mixing time with conventional paints
  • Perfect consistency and pigment blend
  • The innovative 'break it to save it' system ensures excess paint and pigments are removed

Finixa Plastic Mixing Paddles

Finixa high-quality stirring sticks are available in a dispenser box and refill bags. A dispenser box keeps the plastic paint stirrers clean, dry and dust-free. 

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