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Spray Booth Filters

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  1. Paintstop Stop Filter on Roll
    Paintstop Stop Filter on Roll / 30 Mtr
    €50.07 €41.38 Retail price €65.34
  2. Andrea filter Karton
    Andrea Filter Folding Carton
    €68.97 €57.00 Retail price €118.58
  3. Plafondfilter 600G
    Ceiling Filter 600G per m2
    €26.49 €21.89 Retail price €35.09
  4. Voorfilters CRB290S
    For-Filters CRB 290S
    €10.90 €9.01 Retail price €14.52
  5. Voorfilters CR15500S
    For-Filters CR15500S
    €14.02 €11.59 Retail price €19.36
  6. Draadframe filters EU-3
    Wireframe Filters EU-3
    €11.22 €9.27 Retail price €15.73
  7. Synthetische Zakkenfilter G4
    Synthetic Filter Bag G4
    €42.87 €35.43 Retail price €57.87
  8. Paneelfilters G4
    Cassette Air-Filter G4
    €17.45 €14.42 Retail price €22.99
  9. Carbonfilter voor Dustco Bullduster B10-130 Aircleaner Mobiele afzuigwand
    Carbon-Filter for DUSTCO Bullduster B12-900 Mobile Exhaust Wall Aircleaner
    €156.09 €129.00 Retail price €192.39
  10. Dustco Bullduster B12 Air Cleaner Mobile Exhausting Wall
    Dustco Bullduster B12 Air Cleaner Mobile Exhausting Wall
    €1,087.79 €899.00 Retail price €1,754.50
  11. Dustco Bullduster B10-130 Aircleaner Mobiele afzuigwand
    DUSTCO Bullduster B8-500 Mobile Aircleaner Exhausting Wall
    €865.15 €715.00 Retail price €1,087.79
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18 Items

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Paintstop Paint Mist Filter

Often known as paint arrestor or paintstop, this glass fibre roll is made from continuous and rigid monofilament glass fibre. The fibrous material of the paint stop filter has an open and progressive structure that creates a powerful suction of paint mist. This spray booth filter is also made of inflammable fiberglass material which is essential in the spray booth. The glass is manufactured with a progressive increase in density from the dirty air side to the clean air side. This ensures great dust holding capacity at low pressure drops. A paintstop filter is the most common and widely used form of fibreglass filtration. Glassfibre roll is used in many areas both as a primary or secondary filter for spray booth extraction. Paintstop filter is supplied on rolls with different heights.

Spray Booth Ceiling Filter

High performance fine filter particularly suited as a ceiling filter for all paint spraying and drying applications alternatively, for more sensitive indoor air quality requirements or as a pre-filter to absolute filtration. Treated with a tacky fluid and scrim backing. This filter will prevent dust loss due to booth vibration ensuring a clean air working environment for your spray booth.

Andreae Paper Filter

Andrea filter is designed to handle both water-based and all types of solvent paints but not powder paints or dust. The paint overspray is captured in the folds of the filter both on the face and inside the folds. Whilst the filtered air is allowed to pass through easily until the filter is full. This ensures a constant airflow is maintained for much longer than when using other types of extraction filtration.

Pre/Secondary Filter

A most versatile, high performance filter suitable for all air conditioning systems, air intakes on compressors and electric motors or as a pre-filter to more efficient secondary filters. Commonly used as a pre-filter or water wash filter in paint spray booths and as a secondary filter on extract after paint arrestor.

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