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SprayMax spray paints

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SprayMax Aerosols

SprayMax aerosols are professional spray cans for the best spray pattern. SprayMax spray paints are made in Germany under strict quality controls. 

SprayMax 2 Component Car Spray Paint

2K aerosol car paint is unique among the car paint range. Our automotive spray paint is filled in a professional SprayMax car aerosol spray paint. All solid colours are available in a SprayMax aerosol. The special SprayMax technology cannot be compared with conventional spray can technology. This auto 'spray paint has' the ultimate combination of hardware (can, valve, spray head, mixing balls) that enables the famous SprayMax aerosol technology and application benefits. 2K paint also has the following benefits:

  • The automotive paint is resistant to scratches, chemicals, paint thinner, petrol and external weather influences.
  • In addition, it is not necessary to use a car clear coat over 2K auto paint. This saves not only time, but also money!
  • Also, 2K car paint is available in different gloss levels. The available gloss degrees are high gloss, satin gloss, matte and ultra-matte.

SprayMax RAL colors in high gloss, satin gloss and matte finishes

Our RAL color aerosols are available in 3 gloss levels. When buying a RAL aerosol you can choose from high gloss, satin gloss and matt. High gloss has a deep, highly reflective gloss, satin gloss creates a middle way between high gloss and matt, whereas mat provides a dull look. When buying a RAL spray can, choose your own gloss level!

  • High gloss
  • Satin gloss
  • Matte

SprayMax 1K Car Spray Paint

When buying car spray paint for car paint repair, you can choose from 1K or 2K car paint. A 1-component or 2-component car paint differs in quality and each car paint has its own advantages and disadvantages.

1-component car paint (1K)

1 component car paint is less hard-wearing than 2K car paint.

  • It is more suitable for items and areas less prone to potential scratches
  • Faster drying time compared to 2K automotive paint
  • The car spray paint does not require an activator to dry
  • 1K car paints are ready to spray
  • 1K car paint can be made in metallic and pearl (pearlescent) automotive paint

However, 1K car paints are not resistant to scratches, paint thinner, chemicals and other external weather influences. Therefore, we advise to use a (2K) clear coat.

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