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PPG spray paints

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PPG Spray Paints

PPG uses its extensive OEM expertise and the latest technologies to develop its range of product and process based bodyshop solutions. PPG offers a comprehensive range of products that are easy to use and flexible in their approach. PPG products deliver the perfect finish every time, enabling bodyshops to enhance their productivity and profitability.

PPG 2K Clearcoat

PPG 2K High Gloss Clear Varnish offers the best protection. PPG HS 2K clear high gloss varnish is characterized by its very high gloss level, great coverage and fantastic protection against scratches, UV light, gasoline and all other external influences. 2-component auto clear coat has very high chemical, gasoline and weathering resistance. The clear varnish spray offers the best protection. PPG 2K clear coat provides a harder wearing coat and is more suitable for surfaces that may come into contact with day to day use and heavy access areas.

PPG 2K Epoxy Primer

PPG 2K Epoxy Primer is a multi-mode 2K Epoxy Surfacer. It is light grey in colour, chromate-free and has good corrosion resistance over bare metal. PPG D8410 has good adhesion to a wide variety of suitably prepared substrates. These include bare and galvanised steel, aluminium, painted surfaces and fillers. PPG 2K Epoxy Primer Paint is the most professional filler for car parts. PPG epoxy surfacer has excellent filling properties and can easily be sanded to a smooth surface. Thanks to the epoxy that is incorporated in the filler, the PPG epoxy primer offers excellent protection against rust and corrosion.

PPG 2K Etch Primer

PPG 2K Etch Primer Spray is a wash primer with a very fast flash off, easy application, fine overspray and 5 day pot life. PPG Etch Primer spray can adheres to surfaces such as bare metal, aluminum, stainless steel, filler, old paint layer etc. PPG 2K Etch Primer has a pot life of 5 days! The advanced technology used in this aerosol enables premium quality repairs with the convenience of an aerosol. Etch primer delivers a constant, fine atomisation with a spray pattern similar to a spray gun, providing the same ease of use, quality of finish and durability of 2 component premium products.

PPG 1K Plastic Adhesion Promoter

PPG Plastic Adhesion Promoter is a fast, transparent 1 pack primer suitable for use on the vast majority if paintable plastic substrates and avoids the need to identify the plastic prior to spraying.

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