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MoTip - Dupli Color spray paints

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MoTip Dupli Spray Paint

With the brand DUPLI-COLOR, since more than 50 years MOTIP DUPLI is European outrider in the field of spray paints and touch-up pencils. With this brand the enterprise offers a wide range of products for car, home and hobby, but also for industrial purposes.

MoTip Metallic Paint

Metallic paints can be seen as solid car paint, only with a small quantity of powdered metal added. This automotive paint shines bright like a diamond. The shine in silver paint comes from a small amount of aluminium powder mixed into car spray paint. The metal particles in metallic paint pick up and reflect the light, creating shine. The metallic effect can be enhanced when spraying multiple layers of metallic paint and lacquer (clear coat). Metallic paint looks best under direct sunlight.

MoTip Camouflage Spray Paint

Camo paint to treat surfaces, treated and untreated, of wood, metal, aluminium, glass, stone, textile and various types of plastic. MoTip camouflage spray paint is available in 6 army colors. It is a non-reflective paint and is ideal for use on sporting equipment, wildlife photography hides / equipment, military models or anywhere a tough, ultra matt finish is required.

The following camouflage colours are available

  • Beige (RAL1001)
  • Grey Olive Green (RAL6006)
  • Yellow Olive Green (RAL6014)
  • Bronze green (RAL6031)
  • Leather brown (RAL8027)
  • Tar black (RAL9002)
  • Grey

DupliColor RAL Acrylic Spray Paint

High-quality acrylic lacquer in standard shades according to the RAL standard. Exact matching paintings and repairs of small damages in RAL colours. Specially for machines, engine parts, tools, all kinds of vehicles, steel furniture and much more. This assortment includes besides many RAL and special shades a glossy and a matt clear coat.

RAL Colour Chart

We can supply any RAL color in aerosol spray can. 

  • Yellow Shades
    • RAL 1000 to RAL 1037
  • Orange Shades
    • RAL 2000 to RAL 2013
  • Red Shades
    • RAL 3000 to RAL 3033
  • Violet Shades
    • RAL 4001 to RAL 4012
  • Blue Shades
    • RAL 5000 to RAL 5026
  • Green Shades
    • RAL 6000 to RAL 6038
  • Gray Shades
    • RAL 7000 to RAL 7048
  • Brown Shades
    • RAL 8000 to RAL 8029
  • White & Black Shades
    • RAL 9001 to RAL 9023
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