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FINIXA spray paints

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Finixa Spray Paints

Chemicar Europe NV, based in Belgium, designs and develops high-quality, non-paint products (consumables and equipment) for the professional body shop, under the brand name Finixa. The company started up 35 years ago and evolved from a large distributor to a marketing company, designing most and producing part of its Finixa program. Besides developing and manufacturing non-paints for the collision repair sector, we also supply some OEM car manufacturer plants.

Finixa Primer Filler

Finixa universal primer/filler is available in

  • White
  • Light grey
  • Grey
  • Dark grey

Suitable to finish with all solvent and water based 1K and 2K car spray paints. Can be applied on all surfaces, ideal for fast repairs after sanding too hard. Also ideal for spot or panel repair, especially for smaller surfaces. Apply fine layers. If you desire a thick layer: first apply 1 full layer at a distance of 30-35cm and afterwards finish with a crosswise layer at a distance of 20cm. All primer/fillers sprays have a special nozzle which sprays a flat vertical pattern, comparable to a spray gun. Primer with a high viscosity: shake the spray can very well before the first use.

  • Very fast drying
  • Very fast solvent resistant
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Wet on wet application
  • Filling properties are very good
  • Good flexibility
  • Good hardness and anti corrosive.
  • Wet on wet application possible with water and solvent based paints, base colours and 2K finishes

Finixa Etch Primer

Finixa Etch Primer spray can adheres to surfaces such as bare metal, aluminum, stainless steel, filler, old paint layer etc.  Etch primer delivers a constant, fine atomisation with a spray pattern similar to a spray gun.

Finixa Control Spray

The temporary gloss layer of the Finixa control spray replaces the clear coat without leaving any trace on the surface. Spray a thin layer on a sample plate (that is sprayed with a basecoat) to create a temporary shine.

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