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Valvoline & Tectyl spray paints

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  1. Valvoline Siliconenspray spuitbus
    VALVOLINE Silicone Spray in Aerosol
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  2. Tectyl ML Anti-roest in spuitbus
    Valvoline 20070 Tectyl ML Anti-Rust in 5 Liter
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Tectyl Spray Paints

Tectyl is a global brand of rust preventative coatings. The superior corrosion protection offers customers the confidence, reliability, reputation and high-quality standards. For decades, Tectyl was honored to stood under the Valvoline shield and continuously developed and optimized our products, relying on strengths and competences of this global and respectful brand.

Tectyl Cavity Wax Amber

TECTYL Cavity Wax Amber provides corrosion protection to door panels, side sills and frames via a water-displacing, translucent amber coloured wax coating. Special attention has to be paid to corners, seams and other places where water can collect. The drain holes in the door must be checked regularly and kept open.

Tectyl Multipurpose Amber

Tectyl Multipurpose Amber is a wax based, solvent cutback corrosion preventive compound. The product has good water displacing properties and good penetration, making it very suitable as a versatile corrosion protective for a wide variety of applications: Automotive, Marine, Household and Industrial.

Tectyl Stone Chipping Black

TECTYL Stone Chipping Black is a solvent cutback, rubber/resin based corrosion preventive compound recommended for protection of ferrous metals and the undersides of cars, trucks and trailers against corrosion and abrasive damage. The product is fast drying, has sound deadening properties and it is overpaintable.

Tectyl Underbody Coating Bronze

TECTYL Underbody Coating Bronze is a solvent cutback, wax / asphaltic based, corrosion preventive compound. The product is suitable to be applied to the underbody of vehicles

Tectyl Multipurpose Transparent

Tectyl Multipurpose Transparent is a colorless versatile corrosion preventive for automotive, industrial, marine and domestic use. Provides special protection to industrial and auto electrical wiring and contacts like ignition coil, spark plug wires and terminals. Can be used on ferrous and non-ferrous metals and in chromium-plated parts such as wheels of bicycles.