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Clear Coat Pen

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  1. MoTip Lakstift Blanke Lak Hoogglans 12ml
    MOTIP High Gloss Clear Coat in 12ml Touch-Up Pen
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Clear coat pen to protect your car paint

Clear coat paint pen ensures optimum protection of car paint. This paint pen has high-quality acrylic clear varnish and provides a high gloss shine. The clear coat pen is undiluted and based on solvents, therefore this protective car paint layer offers excellent protection against petrol, oil, scratches and extreme weather influences. Use a clear coat pen after applying the touch up paint pen. When the car paint is completely cured, apply the clear coat to the surface to be treated. The clear coat will provide the gloss level and will protect automotive paint against petrol, chemicals, oil and external weather influences.

High gloss clear coat paint pen

The clear coat touch-up pencils can be used universally on any type of paint! This clear coat pen has many benefits:

  • 100% high gloss level
  • Long shelf life
  • Saving vehicle repair costs
  • Non-toxic and durable
  • Very practical
  • Contains a moving steel ball so car paint can be completely mixed
  • Undiluted
  • Based on solvents

Is a clear coat necessary?

Definitely! A clear lacquer pen must be used at all times after you have applied car paint. The clear varnish not only ensures the gloss level of automotive paint, but also protects the varnish against external influences. If you do not use a clear coat pen, your car paint will eventually fade.

Directions for use clear lacquer pen

  • The surface must be clean, dry and dust free
  • Shake bottle for 30 seconds
  • Apply light coats in long smooth strokes
  • After use clean the brush/pen for future use

Different types of car touch up pens

CROP offers a wide range of different types of car touch up pens. We also sell the following paint pens:

  • primer car touch up paint pen
  • silver alloy touch up paint pen

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