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Synthetic Resin

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  1. MIPA Synthetische Kunstharslak - in iedere gewenste kleur
    MIPA 1K Synthetic Resin Opaque Lacquer
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Synthetic resin with a perfect coverage

Synthetic resin, also known as alkyd paint, is a synthetic based car paint with amazing coverage. All solid and RAL colours are available in synthetic paint. Synthetic resin is available in a 1K quality. This automotive paint is easier to use for inexperienced sprayers. Alkyd resin dries more slowly, and therefore, no visible transitions result when one re-starts with painting. When spraying larger surfaces, it is an advantage in particular. Synthetic resin paint is excellent for outdoor use.

Benefits alkyd paint

Our synthetic paint has many advantages. Particularly, synthetic resin paints are suitable for wood, metals and plastics that are heavily stressed during use.

  • The alkyd resin is extremely fast drying
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Very robust
  • Very durable
  • Can be used with a paint spray-gun or paint roller.
  • Ideally suited for outdoor use
  • Becomes very hard but remains elastic

Use synthetic resin with a paint roller

Most car paints can only be used with a paint spray-gun. However, synthetic resin paint can do both. This alkyd paint can either be sprayed or rolled. In case you don’t have a spray-gun, it is ideally suited for use with a paint roller.

What can I use synthetic paint for?

Alkyd paint can be used on various surfaces. This car paint is ideal for cars, motorcycles, caravans and many other vehicles. Especially suited for industrial applications. Alkyd paint is even used for paints in trade and industry where machines are painted with them. It has a competitive price which makes it suitable for projects where costs must remain as low as possible.

Different sizes alkyd resin

We sell synthetic resin paint in different sizes. All solid colours are available from 125ml up to 20 litre paint cans. It is also possible to determine the gloss level:

  • High gloss
  • Satin Gloss
  • Matte
  • Ultra-matte
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