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Clear Coat Can

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Professional clear coat in a can

Clear coat determines the gloss degree of your car, motorcycle, caravan or any other vehicle. Clear varnish is a clear transparent hard protective finish or film. It is applied over car spray paints as a final step to achieve a film for gloss and protection.

Gloss levels clear varnish

We offer the following clear varnish finishes

  • High gloss
  • Satin gloss
  • Matte

1 component clear coat in paint can

1k clear coat can is a base coat car paint. 1 component auto clear coat has more coverage than 2 component clear coat. Since it has a short drying time, it is ideal for quick car repairs and spot repair. We sell professional paint cans of A brands such as MIPA and Millaco.

2K clear coat paint can

2 component clear coats describes a clear varnish that needs to be mixed with a paint hardener, catalyst or paint activator. Once it hardens, it is much less susceptible to damages.

Advantages 2K clear varnish

Which clear varnish is best for you? This all depends on the project. 2K clear varnish has the following benefits

  • No colour deviation
  • Outstanding painting surface
  • Ideally suited for large surfaces
  • Suitable even at higher ambient temperatures
  • Very smooth flow
  • Maximum resistance to abrasion and scratches
  • Very good polish ability
  • Resistant to petrol, chemicals, acids, oils and extreme weather influences
  • Heat resistant up to 100 degrees Celsius
  • Good paint coverage
  • Protection against sun’s UV-rays, which causes fading
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to use

What is the mixing ratio of 2K clear coat?

  • It is important to use the correct paint mixing ratio. 2K clear coat, unlike the 1K requires a catalyst in order for the car paint to harden. Without a paint hardener, you will have a tacky finish that will never fully dry. A 2K clear coat has a mixing ratio of 2:1. This means that 2 liters of clear coat, requires 1 liter of catalyst.

Air dry clear coat

An air dry clear coat is a rapidly drying clear varnish which can be sprayed in a wet on wet application without flash off between coats. This clear varnish provides a fantastic appearance with superior flow and leveling.

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