Hardener for car paint in 3 types

Hardener is the second component in 2K car paints, clear coats and primers. The paint hardener is also called an activator, it activates the first component. The auto paint hardener cures the paint completely.

Fast hardener

Fast hardener is often used at cold temperatures. Because the temperature is lower, the curing process takes longer. When a fast paint hardener is used, the hardening process will proceed significantly faster at lower temperatures for an optimum flow of the paint.

Medium hardener

Medium hardener is the most common car paint hardener for base coats, clear coats and primers. This car paint activator is used at normal temperatures.

Slow hardener

Slow paint hardener is used at high temperatures. Because the temperature is high, the curing process is significantly shorter. Thus, the paint cannot flow well because it dries too quickly. This goes at the expense of the result. As a solution, you can use a slow car paint hardener. This activator ensures that the curing process is slowed down. This allows the paint to flow optimally for a successful outcome!

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