Custom Car Paint

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  1. MIPA Vicrom Chrome Effect Mirror Glaze
    MIPA Vicrom Chrome Effect Mirror Glaze
    €65.81 Retail price €82.26
  2. MOTIP Tuning Line Silver Chrome Set
    MOTIP Tuning Line Silver Chrome Set
    €24.68 Retail price €33.53
  3. MOTIP CARAT Deco Spray in 400ml Aerosol
    MOTIP CARAT Deco Spray in 400ml Aerosol
    €6.88 Retail price €8.90

Items 1-24 of 41

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50 shades of custom car paints

What colour car spray paint should you choose for your car, motorcycle, caravan or any other vehicle? This is probably one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make. You can choose a solid or metallic car paint, but you can also go for a special effect paint finish. We will explain what each custom car paint means. The only factor that could hold you back is your own imagination! CROP sells the following special & custom car paints:

  • Chameleon/Flip-Flop paint
  • Candy/Kandy paint
  • Chrome paint
  • Rust paint

Chameleon and flip flop car paint

Chameleon car paint, also called flip flop car paint creates an extraordinary and surprising visual paint finish by changing colour. Two main car paint colours will always be visible, while the secondary paint colours will show at the angles. Keep in mind that

  • When moving around, chameleon car paint will change colour
  • The light reflection on chameleon spray paint gives the multi-coloured changing special effect
  • Always apply chameleon paint over black base coat so the chameleon pigments are clearly visible

Candy paint car

Candy paint colors, sometimes called Kandy paint as well, are extraordinary shades. This special class of automotive colors have been used by custom painters for more than 60 years to make vehicles stand out from the typical automotive finish and are still quite popular today for this reason. Candy paint car give a visual impression of incredible depth and look luminous. 

Chrome car paint

Chrome car paint is also known for its mirror-like finish. Chrome effect imitates a chrome plating and is very unique. Chrome car paint is less expensive compared to other special effect car paints, it imitates a mirror-like finish and is very easy to spray.

Rust paint for cars

Rust paint for cars can be used on either interior or exterior to achieve an authenthic rusted finish. Rust effect contains iron particles and can be used on almost all surfaces.

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