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Car Touch Up Paint Pen

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It is everyone’s worst nightmare, a small scratch, car chip or imperfection spoiling the body of their much-loved car. However, there is a solution for everything. We are delighted to offer an extensive range of car paint pens. We are able to make a car touch up paint pen in any desired colour. So buy a car scratch pen and remove the scratch from your car. The car touch up pen is often used as a car scratch repair pen.

Car Touch Up Pen for different purposes

Touch up paint pens are ideal for car chips, imperfections and removing small scratches. A small scratch is easily made when parking your car. This can be an ugly car damage that you would like to repair as soon as possible. Repairing car damage usually comes at a high cost. Paint scratch repair pens can repair automotive scratches at home, saving more vehicle repair costs.

Since the paint pen has a fine brush, it is also suitable for repairing gravel.

Custom made car paint pen

We make a touch up paint pen based on the colour code/name of a car, motorcycle, caravan or any other vehicle. Would you like to buy car spray paint, but is the colour code or name missing? Don’t worry, our colour mixer is able to identify any colour. We use a special spectrophotometer that scans objects without any additional information required. After we have attained the results, we can mix car paint in a car touch up pen.

A car touch up pen has many benefits:

  • Undiluted paint for optimum coverage
  • Practical
  • Quickly repair scratches
  • Non-toxic and durable
  • Can be used for different purposes
  • Saving vehicle repair costs
  • Contains a moving steel ball so car paint can be completely mixed
  • Long shelf life

A complete range paint pens

In addition to custom made paint pens, we also sell solid, PMS, RAL-colours and silver alloy of the following A+ brands:

  • Auto-K
  • MIPA
  • Motip/Dupli
  • SEM
  • SprayMax
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