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Car Paint Cans

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  1. 2K Autolak in blik - in iedere gewenste kleur - PU lak
    MIPA 2K Car Paint in every color
    €18.21 €15.05 Retail price €25.41
  2. Autolak in blik basislak - in iedere gewenste kleur - Base-Coat
    MIPA 1K Base Coat Car Paint with Color-Check
    €18.21 €15.05 Retail price €25.41
  3. MIPA Vicrom Chrome Lak in Blik
    MIPA Vicrom Chrome Effect Mirror Glaze
    €82.00 €67.77 Retail price €102.50
  4. MoTip / Dupli RAL-kleur in 100ml blik
    MOTIP/DUPLI RAL Colour in 100ml Tin
    €4.76 €3.93 Retail price €5.97
  5. SEM Rock-It XC Liner 2K Protective Coating
    SEM Rock-It XC Liner 2K Protective Coating
    €42.98 €35.52 Retail price €60.50
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Buy car paint can in any desired colour

Vehicle paint in can is specially designed for use with a paint spray-gun. CROP sells automotive paint in any desired colour. The sizes of auto paint cans vary from 125ml to up to 5 litres of car paint.

Professional acryl paint can

CROP sells professional car paint on solvent base. This acrylic automotive paint is fast drying and provides excellent coverage.

We only use the professional automotive brand MIPA. The benefits are:

  • Extremely high-quality car paint
  • Excellent price-quality ratio compared to other car brands

Is base coat paint ready to spray?

Definitely, it does not need to be diluted with paint thinner. However, if you still want to use paint thinner, the following product can be used:

  • MIPA 1K Thinner (max 15%)

When diluting cans of paint, it is possible to achieve a smoother end result. On the other hand, it might also be possible that the car paint coverage is reduced. Paint thinner automatically decreases the paint coverage.

2K PU car paint in can

2 component PU car paint in can is only possible with universal, RAL and PMS colours. The biggest advantage is that the gloss degree can be determined. The gloss degrees are:

  • High gloss
  • Satin gloss
  • Matt
  • Ultra Matt

It is not necessary to use a clear coat. Unfortunately, we cannot mix metallic or pearl car paint in a 2K quality. The most important advantages of 2K paint can are:

  • Scratch resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Petrol resistant
  • Paint thinner resistant
  • External weather influences resistant

Base coat & 2K car paint, which spray nozzle do I need?

We recommend using a 1.2 to 1.4mm spray nozzle for base coat paint and 2 component car paint. However, the spray nozzle opening is a personal preference. Our advice can be used a as a guideline.

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