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Sanding Blocks

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Sanding Blocks

Power sanders have minimized the muscle required for preliminary sanding, but they stop short of the ability to finesse your work. That has to be done by hand. Sandpaper blocks are comfortable to hold, washable and reuseable. Flexible sanding blocks are ideal for sanding in tight spaces, over complex contours and on areas that may require the special attention that can only be achieved manually. Our hand sanding solutions are easy to use and ergonomic.

Hand Sanding

Buy good quality sandpaper because cheap sanding paper wastes time and produces poor results. High quality sandpaper costs more, but works faster, lasts longer and produces a more consistent surface. There are sanding blocks of all shapes, sizes and materials, for use on different shaped surfaces. Hand sanding can be done to promote adhesion of the next paint layer to an old coat or to get rid of paint imperfections like orange peel and drips.

Types of Sanding Blocks

Sanding blocks apply even pressure over the entire surface of the paper. Hand sanding is faster and more efficient. Sandpaper blocks use either hook and loop (H&L) or pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA). Sanding blocks are a helpful tool for creating a smooth finish.

File Boards

File boards are availalbe with or without dust extraction. The low profile and durable construction give a very good control over the sanding process.

Hand Blocks

Hand blocks are designed to fit into the palm of the hand and are suitable for multiple tasks. The softer and more flexible a block is the less aggressive it is going to cut into the surface of what you are sanding.

Sanding Block Kits

A sanding block kit contains various hand blocks and is a multipurpose tool.

Foam Blocks

A closed-cell foam block is pliable and waterproof, a great backer for wet-sanding.

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