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Metal Shears & Nibblers

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Air Nibblers & Metal Shears

Nibblers and shears are two of the most common power tools available for cutting sheet metal. These power tools provide a faster and less fatiguing alternative to hand tools. Air cutters are ideal for fast and accurate sheet metal cutting. Nibblers with their unique cutting action makes continuous straight or curved slots seamless. Metal shears and nibblers are handy power tools used to cut metal. Metal nibblers can be used for minimal distortion and metal cutting shears for mainly straight lines or wide curves. CROP stocks quality metal cutters. All our metal shears and nibblers include a powerful motor and high cutting power.


A nibbler literally nibbles its way through the sheet metal at high speed, spraying out small semicircular chips as it is guided through the workpiece.


Single cutting shears fairly look similar to nibblers. Power shears with double cutting types commonly resemble a drill or reciprocating saw with a strange metal contraption bolted onto the end. There are two types of shears

  • Single Cut Shears
  • Double Cut Shears
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