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Air Compressors

Air Compressors

Are you looking for a compressor to connect your air tools to? At CROP, you have a wide selection of different compressors at 230 volts and 400 volts. From a quiet compressor to an oil-free compressor to a standard screw compressor. Explore the range and choose from top brands like ABAC and Creemers. Then read on below!

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  1. FLEX CI 11 Accu Compressor 18 Volt / 12 Volt
    FLEX CI 11 Battery Compressor 18 Volt / 12 Volt
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Buy Compressor?

Buy compressor to work on compressed air? Compressors compress air to operate pneumatic tools under pressure. A compressor comes in different shapes, sizes and models. In addition, you have the choice of using a compressor at 230 volts and 400 volts. At you can buy all types of compressors from small to large, from stationary to mobile to work mobile on compressed air.

Types of compressors

If you want to buy a compressor or if the one you have now is due for replacement, you have a choice of different types of compressors. Depending on what you want to use the compressor for, choose the desired model and size. For small DIY jobs, a compressor with a small tank is sufficient, for professional use there are compressors with a large tank and that deliver a lot of compressed air per minute. The types of compressors you can find with us are:

  • Oil-free compressor
  • Silent compressor
  • Piston compressor
  • Screw compressor
  • Mobile compressor
  • Paint spray compressor

Oil-free compressor

Oil-free compressor works without having to be lubricated by pneumatic oil. Because this compressor works oil-free it is ideally suited to air paint and car paint spraying, airbrushing and eccentric sanding. Additional advantages of an oil-free compressor is that it requires less maintenance and you do not need to change oil. You can order a compressor that is oil-free with a boiler that is small and large in 230-volt and 400-volt versions.

Spray gun compressor

Are you looking for a spray gun compressor? Then we recommend buying an oil-free compressor. The last thing you want is oil in the paint you spray with a paint spray gun. A paint sprayer compressor works oil-free so you can spray paint with your paint sprayer worry-free. On an oil-free compressor, you only need to use a water separator. A paint sprayer compressor comes from small to large at 230 volts and 400 volts. Whether you are looking for a mobile compressor or just one that is stationary.

Silent compressor

Silent compressor is soundproofed thanks to the use of high-quality materials that reduce noise and vibration. Because a silenced compressor quietly delivers compressed air, it is widely used in places and areas where it is important not to produce noise. On average, a quiet compressor produces only 65 db(A), making it quiet and vibration-free. At CROP, you can buy a quiet compressor in different sizes at 230 volts and 400 volts.

Mobile compressor

Mobile compressor on wheels is easy to move and take with you on site. For this reason, a mobile compressor is used mobile to deliver compressed air where needed. Many times mobile compressor are used to inflate tires on the go, sand on air or in the garage for easy disposal.

Screw compressor

Screw compressor is professionally used for delivering high volumes of compressed air. A professional screw compressor has a large boiler and is made of the best quality materials. Industrial screw compressors are incredibly durable and therefore suitable for industrial use.

Compressor brands

Online at you can order different brands of compressors. Each compressor brand comes with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty and meets all requirements and standards. The compressor brands you can find with us are:

  • ABAC compressors
  • Creemers compressors

Parts for compressors

Do you have a compressor and are you looking for spare parts? Besides the unit itself, you can also order spare parts from us. Contact our product specialists to find the right compressor part!

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