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Sticker Removers

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Eraser wheels for removing stickers

Vinyl removers are designed for high-speed removal of

  • vinyl
  • decals
  • graphics
  • double sided molding tape
  • striping
  • trim
  • stickers

CROP sells an extensive range of sticker removers that smell like caramel. Will not scratch or damage acrylic enamel or urethane paint and can be used with electric drill. Our decal erasers simply connects to drills to be used as a high power, high performance sticker, adhesive, decal and strip remover. It is not recommended for use on plastic surfaces.

MBX Metal Blaster

MBX Metal Blaster is a unique, easy handling, fast performaing power hand tool that drives a variety of wire belts and eraser wheels. This high performance tool was specially developed for surface preparation in the automotive industry.

Easily remove car decals from your vehicle

Removing stickers or adhesive residues from cars is often a difficult job. This is usually done with a hair dryer or hot air gun, however it is also possible to use an adhesive eraser wheel. A rubber eraser pad is a sticker remover that removes adhesive residue and stickers without damaging car paint. A caramel disc can be placed directly on an electric drill. The vinyl removers are engineered to remove unwanted decals and stripes without damaging the substrate. 

If you want to use a decal remover for removing stickers from a vehicle, you must first ensure that the car is clean and dry. The eraser wheel easily connects to any standard drill via an arbor supplied.

How long does a vinyl remover last?

There is no simple answer to how long eraser wheels lasts. Depending on the sticker quality, manufacturer and conditions exposed will affect how long a vinyl remover lasts. However, the solid molded wheels are durable and have a long service life. A sticker remover saves money because there is no need to purchase extra expensive power tools since this decal eraser wheel will fit any home drill. The decal remover wheel will also save money by avoiding the cost of stripping and replacing paint to remove decals, striping, and stickers.

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