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Measuring Tools

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Automotive Paint Inspection

CROP stocks an extensive range of measuring tools for the automotive sector, professional detailers and other industries. It is important to assess and map the thickness of car paint for different reasons. A paint meter can help when purchasing a new car or before beginning the polishing process. Fast buying decisions at auto auctions require an accurate assessment of paintwork quality to determine a vehicle’s value. A car paint thickness gauge can help to avoid removing too much clear coat and striking through the paint layer.

Paint Thickness Gauges

Coating thickness gauges is used to measure dry film thickness. A paint tester is designed to measure the thickness of non-magnetic coatings (including paint enamel, plastic, epoxy, etc) on iron, steel or aluminum. Paint thickness gauges are common in the automotive sector where they are used to determine painting thickness on different panels. But they are also used in many other industries for system maintenance, quality assurance and other applications.

Benefits Paint Depth Gauges

Car paint thickness testers are used across a wide range of industries, their biggest benefits are

  1. When purchasing a new car, you can use a paint thickness gauge to tell which panels have undergone repairs. Inconsistency in car paint thickness is an indicator of a repair having been done because of an accident, corrosion etc.
  2. Since thinning car spray paint can indicate deterioration, paint gauges can be used for system and machine maintenance.
  3. It is an excellent tool to determine how much car paint they have to work with. Vehicles with a thin paint layer have to be extremely careful when polishing.
  4. Coating thickness gauges can be used to make sure that products have the required standards.

Viscosity Meter

A viscosity meter for paint helps define the car paint's viscosity. An imperfect finish, inconsistent colour and texture imperfections can all be a result of wrong viscosity.

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