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Heat Guns

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Heat Guns

Hot air guns have many uses including paint stripping, heating plastics, drying damp materials and heating vinyl. Our cordless heat guns have a selection of heat and airflow settings so you can set it according to the task in hand. The heat used by the heat gun is produced by a fan built into the back of the gun within the gun which draws air in and then passes the cold air over the heating elements which then creates the required stream of hot air.

Hot Air Gun Applications

With temperatures ranging from 100-600° Celsius, heat guns can tackle a range of jobs with ease.

  • To dry out damp wood
  • Adhesive softening
  • Stripping paint and wallpaper
  • Shrink wrapping (works much faster than a standard hair dryer)
  • Welding, bending and shaping plastic
  • De-soldering of electronics
  • Thawing frozen pipes in the winter
  • Removing dents
  • Restoring trims on your car

Special Nozzles

A hot air gun can be used with special nozzles for specific uses other than stripping paint

  • Surface nozzle (ideal for removing old floor coverings or vinyl)
  • Reducer nozzle (used for concentrating the heat onto a specific area)
  • Reflector nozzle (perfect for bending plastic tubing, soldering copper pipes)
  • Glass protection nozzle (perfect when stripping paint on a window)
  • Slot nozzle (used for welding PVC tarpaulin)
  • Welding nozzle (used to weld plastic)

Wagner FURNO 750

Wagner heat gun has a LCD Digital display allowing you to have precise heat control with fully adjustable temperature range from 50°C to 630°C for a vast range of applications. The display has a memory function to recall the last settings. The gun features 6 air flow settings and a cool down mode to prolong the heater element life. Safety features include thermal protection sensors for regulating the heat. A heat resistant nozzle cover with side fins to prevent the hot nozzle from touching surfaces which is removable for working in tight spaces. There are dual stabilizers and a unique Angle-Loc feature on the carry case for safe hands free operation. The heat gun and accessories are all supplied in a sturdy carry case for easy storage. Also comes with convenient hanging hook.

Wagner FURNO 100

FURNO 100 is perfect for creative people who like do things themselves, amateur bakers and for small jobs around the house. With two temperature levels of 230°C and 360°C, it can be used to complete a wide range of projects. As well as stripping paint, it can also be used to mould, cook and bake, craft and much more - it's a real all-rounder. The gun offers three positions for perfect balance and comfort while working. The fold-out wire is perfect for hands-free working and the pin position is especially suitable for more precise working. A thermal automatic shut-off function ensures safety.

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