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Trolley Jacks & Axle Stands

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Trolley Jacks & Axle Stands

CROP offers a complete range of tire repair products. A floor jack is used to lift a vehicle off the ground. Service jacks can be used as a temporary support while vehicle maintenance is being carried out. Trolley jacks are usually fitted with casters or wheels that swivel. They are versatile and suitable for use with different vehicles. It’s worth mentioning that a trolley jack is designed to lift the vehicle only – not hold it for any significant amount of time. There are two types of trolley jacks

  • Mechanical
  • Hydraulic

Mechanical jacks rely upon the physical strength of the user to help lift the vehicle. Most trolley jacks are hydraulic, these allow you to lift more weight with a smaller device. Which trolley jack you choose depends on the weight that you want to lift. A trolley jack enables you to lift your vehicle to carry out work under the vehicle, to change tyres, or work on brake assemblies.

Trolly Jacks

A trolly jack is an absolute must-have in your garage or workshop. Every garage jack is rated to a certain weight to help you select something suitable for your lifting requirements. The most important factor is how much your trolley jack can lift. Always check the weight of your car or vehicle to make sure the jack you're looking at is going to be suitable. After you've purchased a trolly jack, use good quality axle stands.

Jack Stands

Jack stands are indispensable at every workplace. A jack stand is ideal for the repair or restoration of every vehicle. In addition, a jack stand contributes to the safety during repair. The car can be safely placed in height and is hold with strong axle stands up to 12.000kg per stand! This makes them also suitable for heavier SUV vehicles.