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Rivet Guns

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  1. POWERHAND 10,8V Li-ion Cordless Riveter in carrying case M26102138
    POWERHAND 10,8V Li-ion Cordless Riveter in carrying case M26102138
    €458.59 €379.00 Retail price €541.78
  2. RODAC RC191BC Riveting Pliers in Suitcase - 8300kg
    RODAC RC191BC Riveting Pliers in Suitcase - 8300kg
    €224.62 €185.64 Retail price €287.98
  3. RODAC RC192 Blindklinktang 12200kg
    RODAC RC192 Riveting Pliers - 12200kg
    €582.35 €481.28 Retail price €922.02
  4. RODAC RC191 Blindklinktang 8300kg
    RODAC RC191 Riveting Pliers - 8300kg
    €146.72 €121.26 Retail price €219.01
  5. RODAC RC192BC Blindklinktang 12200kg in koffer
    RODAC RC192BC Riveting Pliers in Suitcase - 12200kg
    €624.43 €516.06 Retail price €977.68
  6. RODAC RC197ABC Blindklinktang 9800kg in koffer
    RODAC RC197ABC Riveting Pliers in Suitcase - 9800kg
    €536.08 €443.04 Retail price €687.28
  7. RODAC 1086100ABC Blindklinkmoertang in koffer
    RODAC 1086100ABC Blind Rivet Nut Pliers in Case
    €698.41 €577.20 Retail price €895.40
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A rivet gun is a manual tool used for installing blind rivets, usually to fasten two or more pieces of material together. A blind rivet consists of a head, a cylindrical body and a long pin that goes through the hollow body (mandrel). Blind rivets can be installed from just one side of the panels or pieces being fastened together. A riveter is also called

  • Rivet Gun
  • Air Rivet Gun
  • Pop Rivet Gun
  • Pneumatic Rivet Gun
  • Hand Riveter
  • Cordless Rivet Gun (perfect for portability)
  • Pneumatic Hammer

Hand Rivet Tools

Hand rivet tools can be used for Repair & Maintenance, Roofing Flashing, Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning and Sheet Metal Construction.

Typical Applications Air Hydraulic Riveter

We stock a wide range of rivet tools, such as slow-hitting and fast-hitting guns and a variety of manual tools, plus a wide range of riveting accessories to achieve the desired finish for the task in hand. Riveting creates a permanent connection from one material or join to another. It is relatively cheap in comparision to using nuts and bolts. Rivet guns are used in many industries

  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Aircraft Manufacturing
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Automotive and Bodywork Repair

Rivet guns are also known as pneumatic hammers, used as a permanent fastener in mechanical industries. Less costly and very effective.

How To Use A Pop Rivet Gun

First of all, in order to use a riveter in the right way you will need to have the correct sized nozzle to fit the rivets you are installing.

  1. Open the handles of the hand riveter and place the mandrel into the nozzle
  2. Slot the body of the rivet through the hole and make sure the rivet is fully inserted
  3. Squeeze the handles, bringing them as close together as you can when squeezing
  4. Once the rivet is secured at both ends, installation is complete
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