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Oil Drain Pans

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Oil Drain Pans

Drip pans are one of the tools that some people don't think they need. When you drain oil from your vehicle, you don't want to look down at a pool of oil that is spilling out of a homemade bucket. What features should you look for when purchasing an oil drain pan? The biggest factor you should consider is if it comes with built-in storage compartments. This means the oil drains straight into the product. Don't underestimate the weight of oil. It might be wise to select a pan with handles. Lastly, consider the size that is suitable for your vehicle. Most of these pans will happily slide underneath a car. However, if you have a lowered car then you should look for a pan with a lower profile. At CROP, we stock a selection of oil drain pans & containers all at competitive prices.

Benefits Oil Drip Pan

Because an oil catch pan is a pretty simple product, it's easy to overlook it. Whether you’re a professional mechanic doing several oil changes a day, or just looking to save some cash by changing oil yourself in your own garage, a good quality oil drainer is a vital piece of equipment. Find out the advantages below

  • Less chance of spillages
  • Makes the job easier
  • Avoids clean ups

Oil Changes are Necessary

If you care about your vehicle, you need to care about the oil inside. Engine oil should be refreshed from time to time. This increases performance, lowers fuel consumption and prolongs the engine life span.

5 Major Causes of Engine Oil Leaks

If you notice a patch of oil under your car, there is a very good chance the cause will be one of

  1. Damaged Oil Pan
  2. Damaged or Missing Oil Filler Cap
  3. Damaged Engine Gasket
  4. Old Oil Filter
  5. Damaged Oil Pan Drain Plug


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