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Ionising Air Guns

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Ionising Air Guns

Ionizing air guns neutralise static charges on several materials and surfaces with a steady flow of ionised compressed air. Ionization pistols helps prevent dust and dirt particles from becoming re-attracted and keeps surfaces cleaner for longer. These air guns are a good way of neutralising static and removing contaminants from three dimensional parts before assembling, painting, finishing or packaging. Ionizing blow off guns are used in many industrial applications and industries like paintshops, car manufacturing, esd and electronic industries. An important feature is the ergonomic design.

Ionisation Technology

Static electricity occurs whenever electrically insulated materials move, rub against or separate from one another. This occurs particularly in dry conditions when charges which have accumulated cannot find a conducting path to earth. The clean and dry conditions within a spray booth create the perfect environment for static to generate in large amounts.

All materials contain positive and negative charges; these are in the form of positive ions, negative ions and neutral molecules. When two surfaces are brought together (for example during the tacking process), surface electrons are shared, leaving behind “patches” of positive and negative static charge. In order for the surface to once again become neutral, positive and negative ions need to be introduced to the charged area. Positive neutralises negative and vice versa.


Stat-Gun uses a microprocessor to generate high voltage transferred through tungsten emitters, which in turn generate positive and negative ions. Air flow is an important part of the process allowing the ions generated to travel quickly and distribute evenly over the charged area. Air movement also aids removal of contaminates previously bonded by static charge. Specifically designed for use within a bodyshop, the new state-of-the-art Stat-Gun is

  • Cordless
  • Battery Operated
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Fully ATEX approved for use in Class 1 Flammable environments