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Needle Scalers

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Needle Scalers

Needlegun scalers are excellent tools for removing car paint, rust and corrosion from almost any surface. A needle gun is a very useful tool to have around the house. CROP offers a comprehensive choice of sizes to suit any application. Now while there are numerous needle guns to choose from, you will find that there are two types that you should consider: electric and pneumatic. Electric needle scalers can be extended further by replacing the needles with a chisel enabling the tool to be used for chipping, scraping and splitting applications.

Electric Needle Guns

Electric needle guns come with a set of incredibly fine needles. By using a battery-operated gun, you can travel around the home quickly and more efficiently. A downfall to using an electric needle gun is that eventually your batteries are going to run out.

Pneumatic Needle Guns

Pneumatic needle guns are able to quickly adjust to objects that are misshapen or irregular. They are powered by compressed air and can strip an area clean in a matter of seconds.

Remove rust, coatings and old paint from metal surfaces

A needle scaler can be used to efficiently remove old paint, varnish, coatings and rust. Thanks to the power of the needlegun scaler and the impact of the needles, the most stubborn deposits, paint, corrosion and rust are easily removed from any surface. A needle gun is used in metalwork applications as diverse as automotive repair, home repair and shipboard preservation. They are quick, easy to use and produce great results.

Needles for Needle Scaler

When purchasing a needle scaler, pay attention to what you are going to use it for. Needle scalers are available in different types and needle sets. Straight needle scalers are ideally suited for hard-to-reach places, where the pistol-shaped hammers are often used in heavy industrial applications. These are also low-vibration machines and are ideal for daily use.

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