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Bodyshop Tools & Equipment

CROP stocks an extensive range of products suitable for body repair shops, spray booths and paint re-finishers. Aside from basic tools like a proper workbench, screwdriver and hammer, this category also has a wide variety of handy assistants that can take your work to the next level. We supply tools and equipment from trusted brands, including RUPES, Wagner, RODAC and FLEX.

Power Tools

Our wide range of power tools come from trusted manufacturers and include the latest innovative technology.


A drill can make light work of many different situations. A modern drill is perhaps the most versatile of all power tools. There are a wide range of drills available and the type of drill you need depends on many factors.


The right sanding machine can save you time and help you achieve a high-quality finish. We supply a variety of sanders including orbital sanders, belt sanders, electric and palm sanders.


A car polisher will work wonders on your fading finish, restoring it to its glistening and gleaming glory. Dual action polishers are designed to safely and effectively polish car paint. Orbital polishers are a safe and effective power tool for correcting swirls, scratches, holograms as well as maintaining your paintwork.

Angle Grinders

When choosing a grinder you need to consider the job you are intending to use it for. Small grinders are more versatile and large grinders allow for deeper cutting.

Hand Tools

Our range of hand tools cover everything you need for a variety of jobs and tasks. A hand tool is any tool that is powered by hand rather than a motor. Hand tools make DIY projects easier.

Tool Storage

Tool storage allows you to have all of your tools together, protects your tools and makes carrying so much easier. Tool storage provides smart solutions to packing away your tools.

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