MIPA Car Paint and Industrial Coating

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  1. MIPA 1K Glass Primer Transparent - 1 litre
    MIPA 1K Glass Primer Transparent - 1 Litre
    €29.95 Retail price €38.00
  2. MIPA 1K Kunststof Hechtprimer
    MIPA 1K Plastic Adhesive Primer
    €12.50 Retail price €16.00
  3. MIPA Synthetische Kunstharslak - in iedere gewenste kleur
    MIPA 1K Synthetic Resin Opaque Lacquer
    €14.80 Retail price €20.00
  4. MIPA 2K Blanke Lak Mat
    MIPA 2K Clear Coat Matt
    €19.53 Retail price €27.00
  5. MIPA 2K Universal High Solid Hardener
    MIPA 2K E10 Hardener for EP-Grundierfiller
    €13.27 Retail price €17.00
  6. MIPA 2K EP Primer Filler Grey - 1 Litre
    MIPA 2K EP Primer Filler Grey - 1 Litre
    €22.71 Retail price €37.00

Items 1-24 of 62

12 24 36

MIPA is one of the largest paint manufacturers in the world and is known for an excellent value for money. The car paints and industrial coatings of this great German manufacturer meet the most stringent environmental regulations around the world and offer a high-quality, high-gloss finish.

The very inexpensive but very high quality paints are easy to use and ensure that you get efficiently into a first-class result. In addition, the products of MIPA provide high efficiency, time savings and low material consumption.

As an official dealer of MIPA paints we can provide the complete package, with conventional paints for the industry to waterborne mixing systems for the automotive refinisher.

The MIPA color database consists of more than 80,000 colors (even colors from 1957) which are being added daily to the latest shades. In addition, almost all the colors of motorcycles and fleet owners are supplied. As an extra service we offer our customers the ability to measure digital color language using our computer-controlled spectrophotometer and mix.

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