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  1. MAVEL Stroomhaspel Compact EV 4+1 meter - 230 Volt
    MAVEL Stroomhaspel Compact EV 4+1 meter - 230 Volt
    €719.00 Retail price €899.00
  2. MAVEL Slow Motion Compact System
    MAVEL Slow Motion Compact System
    €31.00 Retail price €39.00

24 Items

12 24

MAVEL Industry has been committed for years to confirm at the highest levels the leadership achieved in the production of automatic cable and hose reels. The concrete results of this commitment are shown by the excellent positioning reached in several international markets. Behind this success is a company philosophy which values Quality, Research and Innovation not simply as objectives, but also - and especially - as means guaranteed to our customers as essential conditions and, at the same time, constantly improved thanks to considerable investments both in human and economic resources. Quality, Research and Innovation, together with Dynamism, Promptness,

Flexibility and an excellent Service, to fully satisfy all our customerís needs through a vast range of certified, reliable and competitive products including the most innovative proposals, capable not only of meeting but also of anticipating market demands for automatic reels for energy, air, water, oil and grease.

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