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Nilfisk is the brand that specializes in cleaning equipment. Nilfisk products are made of high quality materials ensuring the best results and durability. Worldwide, Nilfisk cleaning equipment is used to perform cleaning jobs. Nilfisk's product range includes pressure washers, vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners. At CROP you can buy all Nilfisk products including spare parts and accessories.

Nilfisk cleaning equipment

The Nilfisk cleaning equipment range is large. For every cleaning job, Nilfisk has a device that allows you to clean thoroughly.

  • Pressure washers
  • Nilfisk industrial vacuum cleaners
  • Nilfisk sweepers
  • Nilfisk scrubber driers

Pressure washers

Nilfisk pressure washers are used professionally in various industries. Nilfisk's mobile pressure washers are easy to move around thanks to the high-quality wheels under the unit. Every Nilfisk pressure washer has a lance attached to a long water hose so you are always mobile. Nilfisk pressure washers are suitable for cold and hot water. At CROP, you can buy your Nilfisk pressure washer with a 2-year original warranty and discount! Choose from the models below:

  • Nilfisk cold water pressure washer
  • Nilfisk hot water pressure washer

Nilfisk industrial vacuum cleaner

Nilfisk industrial vacuum cleaners are used daily in various sectors for professional and industrial cleaning. Nilfisk vacuums have a high suction power that allows you to quickly pick up dirt, dust, water and hazardous materials. At Nonpaints.com, you can order any Nilfisk industrial vacuum cleaner online, including:

  • Nilfisk wet vacuum
  • Nilfisk dry vacuum

Nilfisk spare parts

Do you have a Nilfisk cleaning machine and are looking for spare parts? In addition to the machines themselves, you can also visit CROP to buy your Nilfisk part online. Contact our product specialists to order the right part for your Nilfisk appliance.

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