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  1. UNIC Spuitpistolenreiniger UGC2005A
    UNIC UGC2005A Spray Guns Cleaner
    €684.67 Retail price €1,428.00
  2. UNIC Pneumatische Blikkenpers 30 liter UCC25
    UNIC UCC25 Pneumatic 30 litres Cans Press
    €1,256.00 Retail price €2,199.00

3 Items

12 24

UNIC International is a leading British manufacturer of high quality waste and cleaning equipment. Designed to help customers significantly reduce costs and to meet the latest environmental standards. The range includes besides the spray cleaners also from tin presses, paper presses, paint cans and cleaners are available in more than 31 countries around the world.

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