AAF International Filters

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  1. For-Filters CR15500S
    For-Filters CR15500S
    €9.00 Retail price €13.00
  2. For-Filters CRB 290S
    For-Filters CRB 290S
    €7.00 Retail price €11.00
  3. Andrea Filter Folding Carton
    Andrea Filter Folding Carton
    €57.00 Retail price €98.00
  4. Paintstop Stop Filter on Roll / 30 Mtr
    Paintstop Stop Filter on Roll / 30 Mtr
    €39.00 Retail price €60.00
  5. Synthetic Filter Bag G4
    Synthetic Filter Bag G4
    €19.00 Retail price €24.00
  6. Wireframe Filters EU-3
    Wireframe Filters EU-3
    €9.00 Retail price €12.00
  7. Cassette Air-Filter G4
    Cassette Air-Filter G4
    €14.00 Retail price €19.00

7 Items

12 24

AAF International s an American multinational corporation that specializes in filtering and conditioning of air. Started in 1968. AAF (American Air Filter) provides filtration products to a broad spectrum of industries and energy consumers in Europe and the Middle East. The company also produces fiberglass material.

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