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  1. MIRKA OS383CV
    MIRKA OS383CV Pneumatic Orbital Sander 70x198mm
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    €382.70 €316.28 Retail price €468.33
  2. MIRKA ROS2-610CV and ROS2-650CV 2-Handed Sander - 150mm
    MIRKA ROS2-650CV Sander 150mm - 5mm orbit
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    €536.83 €443.66 Retail price €657.99
  3. MIRKA RPS300CV Polisher & Sander with dust extraction 77mm
    MIRKA RPS300CV Sander 75mm with dust extraction
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    €446.49 €369.00 Retail price €484.82
  4. MIRKA LEROS-S Plafond- & Wandschuurmachine 225mm
    MIRKA LEROS-S Ceiling & Wall Sander 225mm
    0 reviews
    €1,332.66 €1,101.37 Retail price €1,569.67
  5. MIRKA DEROS 625CV Schuurmachine 150mm - 2.5
    MIRKA DEROS 625CV Random Orbital Sander 150mm 2.5mm
    €537.85 €444.50 Retail price €724.12
  6. MIRKA DEOS 343CV Vlakschuurmachine 75x100mm
    MIRKA DEOS 343CV Orbital Sander 75x100mm
    0 reviews
    €562.65 €465.00 Retail price €711.10
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MIRKA: professional products for sanding and polishing

MIRKA is a brand from Finland that manufactures high-quality products for sanding and polishing. Every day, MIRKA's polishing and buffing products are used worldwide by professional car body repairers, painters, body builders, yacht builders, car polishers, craftsmen and hobbyists. MIRKA's range of sanding products includes professional sandpaper, sanding machines, blocks, sanding vacuums and handy accessories that can be used while sanding any lacquer or paint. At CROP you can buy all MIRKA sanding products. At you have the choice of all MIRKA sandpaper, sanders and vacuum cleaners at the lowest price! We provide the original MIRKA manufacturer's warranty on all products!

MIRKA Sanding paper

MIRKA sanding paper is professional paper for sanding. MIRKA sandpaper is used for sanding lacquer, primer and other painted surfaces. MIRKA has various types of sandpaper in different sizes and in all coarseness. MIRKA's range of sandpaper includes:

  • Sanding discs
  • Sanding sheets
  • Sanding pads
  • Sanding rolls
  • Sanding strips
  • Waterproof sandpaper
  • Delta with triangle shape

For every sanding job, MIRKA has the right paper! Thanks to the highest quality materials, MIRKA sandpaper ensures consistent quality and a fantastic sanding pattern. Need help finding the right MIRKA paper for sanding? Then please contact our product specialists. We will be happy to help you find the right MIRKA sandpaper!

MIRKA Waterproof Sandpaper for wet sanding

MIRKA Waterproof Sanding Paper has been specially developed for wet sanding. This type of sandpaper is water-resistant so it does not tear when sanding with water. The waterproof sandpaper is mainly used for finer sizes. This waterproof sandpaper is for sale in different sizes up to grit P3000 and P6000! These extremely fine sanding grains are ideal for matting and waxing any automotive paint or clear coat. Waterproof sandpaper for the professional car detailer, car polisher and damage repairer!

MIRKA Abranet Sanding Net

MIRKA Abranet is a patented product that is not manufactured on the basis of paper, but on the basis of a net structure. This is why MIRKA Abranet is also not called a sandpaper, but a sanding net! Thanks to the patented net structure, with this product you have dust extraction over the entire surface! As a result, you sand cleaner, faster and create a beautiful sanding pattern. Because there is better dust extraction, you will be sanding longer with the same sheet, making it cost-saving! Finally, the abrasive grain breaks down in a revolutionary way, so the abrasive grain stays sharp longer and you can sand longer with 1 sheet! The MIRKA Abranet is for sale in discs, strips, rolls and triangle shape in different coarsenesses.

MIRKA Sanders

MIRKA Sanders are professional machines for sanding! MIRKA's sanders are extensively used daily by professional users for sanding down and sanding away automotive paints, clear coats, primers, paints, 2-component paints, primers and other coatings. In addition to the popular MIRKA DEROS Sander with eccentric sanding stroke, MIRKA also has several other types of sanders. These sanders can be purchased both electric and pneumatic! MIRKA's range of sanders includes:

  • MIRKA DEROS 625 - 650 - 680 CV
  • MIRKA CEROS 625 - 650 - 680 CV
  • MIRKA DEOS 353 & 383 CV
  • MIRKA PROS 625 - 650 - 680 CV

At CROP you can buy your MIRKA Sander at the lowest price with original manufacturer's warranty. Is the MIRKA sander not listed? If so, please contact our customer service department. We are happy to help you find the right sander!


MIRKA DEROS is the best-selling sander from the Finnish brand. The MIRKA DEROS Sander is an eccentric palm sander that can be purchased with a 2.5mm, 5mm and 8mm sanding orbit. A 150mm sanding pad comes standard on the MIRKA DEROS, but can also be purchased with a 125mm velcro pad. The MIRKA DEROS Eccentric Sander features a powerful brushless motor, Bluetooth fucntionality and speed controller. At CROP, buy the MIRKA DEROS at the lowest price with additional online discount and original MIRKA warranty.

MIRKA Polishers

MIRKA polishers are professional devices for machine polishing any paint. MIRKA Polishing machines are available in electric, battery and compressed air versions. In addition to rotary machines, MIRKA also has professional eccentric polishers for safe polishing of all paints. Check out MIRKA's full range of polishing machines at

MIRKA warranty on all polishers and products!

As an official and certified MIRKA dealer, you will receive the original manufacturer's warranty on all MIRKA products at CROP. This assures you that the sandpaper or sander, meets all quality requirements.

Want to buy MIRKA sanding products?

Do you wish to purchase MIRKA sanding products? As the largest online retailer, you can buy all MIRKA products at CROP at the lowest price and with extra discount. Need help finding the right product? Then contact our product specialists. We will be happy to help you find the right product for sanding!