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  1. BOXO Toolbox Professional - 94 pieces
    BOXO Toolbox Professional - 94 pieces
    €299.49 Retail price €395.00
  2. BOXO Socket Set 1/4" (46-pieces)
    BOXO Socket Set 1/4" (46-pieces)
    €33.73 Retail price €35.50
  3. B.J. Driessen
    B.J. Driessen
    €16.15 Retail price €17.00

6 Items

12 24

BOXO the new name for quality hand tools developped for the professional automotive and industrial markets. Benefitting from over 35 years of expertise in these industries manufacturing high quality tools and tool storage. They focus on product research, design, durability, quality control with a real life testing facility to make our customers need fulfilled. The creators of BOXO have developped this program of tools to suit all modern day requirements.

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