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  1. Adapters for FINIXA Processing System FPS
    Adapters for FINIXA Processing System FPS
    €14.21 Retail price €18.95
  2. Bord voor schuurblokken en schuurmachines
    Board for Sanding Blocks and Sanders
    €55.73 Retail price €74.30
  3. Boothmask Beschermfolie cabine
    Boothmask Protective Film
    €47.25 Retail price €63.00
  4. Dispenser voor FINIXA Mengbekers en deksels
    Dispenser for FINIXA Mixing Cups and Lids
    €69.95 Retail price €92.45
  5. Enveloppen voor spuitstaaltjes
    Envelopes for Spray Samples - 250 pieces
    €108.00 Retail price €145.95
  6. Portierfolie op rol
    EUROMASK Door Foil on Roll
    €39.68 Retail price €52.90
  7. Nylon Versnellingspookhoes
    EUROMASK Nylon Gear-Shift Cover
    €3.69 Retail price €6.00
  8. Nylon Handremhoes
    EUROMASK Nylon Handbrake Cover
    €3.69 Retail price €6.00
  9. Nylon Stoelhoes
    EUROMASK Nylon Seat Cover
    €16.43 Retail price €21.90
  10. Nylon Stuurhoes
    EUROMASK Nylon Steering Wheel Cover
    €5.53 Retail price €8.00
  11. Uitzetijzerset
    Expanding Iron Set
    €55.69 Retail price €74.25
  12. Plamuurmengbord met mengpapier
    Filler Mixing Board with Mixing Paper
    €7.85 Retail price €9.85
  13. Fine Line tape Follex
    Fine Line Tape Follex - Blue, 12mm
    €6.00 Retail price €8.00
  14. Fine Line tape Follex
    Fine Line Tape Follex - Blue, 15mm
    €7.24 Retail price €9.65

Items 1-24 of 221

12 24

FINIXA is the brand of Chemicar Europe, a professional supplier of equipment and consumables for (car) refinishers, painters, body builders and OEMs worldwide.

Chemicar Europe invest heavily in Research & Development to develop together with Car Repair Online Products continuously developing new products for various target groups.

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