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  1. FINIXA UV Primer in Spuitbus
    FINIXA UV Primer in Aerosol
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  2. FINIXA UV Primer Cleaner Aerosol
    FINIXA UV Primer Cleaner Aerosol
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  3. FINIXA Contact Glue in Aerosol
    FINIXA Contact Glue in Aerosol
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Professional NonPaint products from FINIXA

FINIXA is the house brand of Chemicar Europe, manufacturer of professional NonPaint products. FINIXA products are used by professional car body repair shops, body repair shops, painters, yacht builders and within other industrial sectors. With more than 35 years of experience, Chemicar has grown into a marketing-driven distribution company with customers all over the world. Also, OEM automotive refinishers use FINIXA's NonPaint products every day!

FINIXA Sandpaper in different sizes and coarseness

FINIXA has a wide range of sandpaper in different sizes and coarseness. For every sanding machine or block, there is a sheet of sandpaper to fit your machine for professional sanding! From good-value sandpaper, to the most professional sandpaper with a ceramic abrasive grain.

FINIXA SharpWhite Sandpaper

FINIXA SharpWhite Sandpaper is the newest and most professional paper for sanding. FINIXA's SharpWhite Sandpaper can be purchased in 150mm discs that fit on usually all sanders with a 150mm Velcro pad. FINIXA SharpWhite 150mm sanding discs are available in typically all coarse sizes.

FINIXA FPS Changer System

FINIXA FPS is FINIXA's Wisselbeker System. This system is also called the Mixing Cup System where the top cup of the paint sprayer is replaced by the FPS mixing cup. The FINIXA FPS System saves you time and money. The car paint is prepared directly in the mixing cup, after which it is connected directly to the top of the paint sprayer through an adapter. Inside the lid of the FINIXA FPS System is a paint strainer that sifts the paint during spraying. The FINIXA Paint Processing System is for sale in 2 different sizes and 4 different paint strainers.

FINIXA Mixing cups for automotive paints and varnishes

FINIXA Mixing cups are professional cups for making and mixing car paint or paint. FINIXA paint mixing cups are made of high quality plastic and printed with a clear scale. Because the mixing ratio is printed on the mixing cup, you are able to accurately weigh and mix any paint. FINIXA mixing cups for lacquer are available in 6 different sizes, namely 400ml, 650ml, 900ml, 1300ml, 2240ml and 5000ml.

Professional products for masking cars

Are you looking for professional products for masking cars and other vehicles? FINIXA's masking tapes, films and masking paper are high quality masking products for masking cars before they are painted or repaired. In addition to masking the outside of the car, FINIXA also has high quality products for covering the car interior. This keeps the interior of the car clean and undamaged during the repair!

FINIXA Spray masks & Overalls

FINIXA spray masks and overalls meet the strictest requirements and standards set in professional companies. The FINIXA protective masks and spray overalls are made of high-quality material making them ideal for daily and intensive use. With the spray mask and protective overalls from FINIXA, you will ensure perfect personal protection while spraying paints, sanding or working with solvents!

Buy FINIXA products?

Would you like to buy FINIXA products, such as FINIXA spray cans, FINIXA paint sprayers and FINIXA sandpaper? At CROP you can choose from the complete FINIXA range and benefit from extra online discounts. On all NonPaint items from FINIXA you will receive the official manufacturer's warranty and CE approval. Order your FINIXA NonPaint product before 10 p.m. and receive it the next day!

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