OLFA Cutting Tool

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  1. OLFA Cutter - Metal
    OLFA Cutter - Metal
    €2.29 Retail price €3.50
  2. Spare Blades for OLFA Cutter - 10 pieces
    Spare Blades for OLFA Cutter - 10 pieces
    €4.61 Retail price €9.00

3 Items

12 24

OLFA world's first cutter

In 1956 developed Mr. Y. Okada (founder of OLFA Corporation of Japan), the world's first cutter. The inspiration for this incredible idea he did that on the breaking off pieces of chocolate from a chocolate bar and analyzing the coming back of sharp edges when broken glass. This unique invention (the cutter) is a worldwide bestseller. Popularly the cutter is mentioned regularly as an OLFA-KNIFE. The length, width and angle of the blade as developed by Mr. Y. Okada, are widely used as standard sizes for break off cutters.

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