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  1. COLAD UV LED Lamp
    COLAD UV Curing Light
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    €2,390.11 €1,975.30 Retail price €3,025.00
  2. MSK80-NG Masking-Tape - 50mm, 24 Rolls
    COLAD Masking Tape 50mm - 24 rolls
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    €77.31 €63.89 Retail price €126.08
  3. MSK80-NG Masking Tape - 19mm, 48 Rolls
    COLAD Masking Tape 19mm - 48 rolls
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    €57.28 €47.34 Retail price €96.44
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NonPaint products from COLAD EMM

COLAD is a brand of EMM international. COLAD NonPaint products are used worldwide and create unique possibilities for the end user, with a focus on achieving an optimal and professional end result in the most effective way. COLAD products are used in the automotive, marine, aerospace and industrial sectors where work with lacquers and paints is carried out. COLAD has unique NonPaint products with which they distinguish themselves from their colleagues. Revolutionary COLAD products include the COLAD Snap Lid System mixing cup system, the COLAD BodyGuard coveralls and the COLAD Turbomix Paintsaver stir sticks!

COLAD Snap Lid System

The COLAD Snap Lid System is the most revolutionary changing cup system on the market. COLAD's SnapLid System makes paint preparation and paint spraying, many times faster, more efficient and cost effective. With the COLAD SnapLid System, automotive paint is prepared in the mixing cup, then the cup is placed on the paint sprayer to spray the paint directly from the mixing cup. The COLAD Snap Lid System is available in 3 different sizes and 4 different paint strainers. All kits are on sale at CROP and available for immediate delivery from stock!

COLAD BodyGuard Overall

The COLAD BodyGuard is a unique overall made of the best quality materials and ideally suited for daily and intensive use. The COLAD BodyGuard Overall is gray in color, lightweight, has an antistatic coating and is dust, silicone and lint free. The back of the COLAD BodyGuard has a unique heat regulation, allowing the coverall to breathe while worn. This reduces perspiration and makes working in hot environments more pleasant. Thanks to its high quality, COLAD BodyGuard is the best coverall for protecting your body and clothing while working with lacquers, paints or solvents.

COLAD Turbomix Paintsaver

The COLAD Turbomix Paintsaver is a special stir stick made from recycled plastic. COLAD's stir sticks have a corrugated shape and feature holes that allow for better stirring and mixing of the paint or lacquer. The COLAD Turbomix Paintsaver Stir sticks can be purchased in a 22cm and 30cm length, making them suitable for any size mixing cup.

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