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  1. Stäubli RBE-11 insteeknippel met slangpilaar
    STAUBLI RBE-11 Plug with Hose Connector
    €24.88 Retail price €33.00
  2. Stäubli RBE-08 insteeknippel met binnendraad
    STAUBLI RBE-08 Plug with Internal Thread
    €16.59 Retail price €17.00
  3. Stäubli RBE-11 insteeknippel met buitendraad
    STAUBLI RBE-11 Plug with External Thread
    €27.65 Retail price €36.00
  4. Stäubli RBE-11 insteeknippel met binnendraad
    STAUBLI RBE-11 Plug with Internal Thread
    €27.65 Retail price €36.00

23 Items

12 24 36

STäUBLI is a leading manufacturer of for example safety shortcut systems for all liquids, gases, compressed air and meet the highest safety standards. STäUBLI's safety mechanism prevents many accidents in the workplace.

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