CROP 2K Car Putty PRO 750ml + Hardener

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CROP 2K Car Putty PRO 750ml + Hardener
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Product information

CROP Car Putty 750ml

CROP Car Putty 750ml is a lightweight 2K polyester resin based putty to level the chassis, bodywork and parts of a car. CROP 2K car putty is white in color, has strong adhesion and superior finish. This white car putty is very creamy and does not pull pinholes or small holes so that the car can be putted incredibly tightly. This makes this professional car putty instantly a finishing putty in one product. You can easily apply the 2K Car Putty PRO in multiple layers to achieve the desired filling power. As a result, you can fill and level both small and large deep cracks, dents or holes with this professional putty. When the polyester putty is dry, you can super easily sand it to a very smooth surface.

White putty

White putty is used in Automotive and construction to repair holes, cracks and dents. In addition to all types of metal and plastic, you can use this white putty on wood to repair the material. Because the putty is white, you have a uniform color substrate to finish with a paint, lacquer, primer, stain or primer of your choice. This CROP white polyester-based putty is the number one choice of the professional bodyshop, painter and demanding DIYer.

2K Putty for car

2K Car Putty from CROP is known for its very high quality for consistent professional results. The CROP 2K Car Putty PRO adheres strongly to car parts made of metal, aluminum, plastic, polyester, fiberglass and carbon fiber. Because this professional car putty is lightweight, the part to be puttyed will not become heavier. In addition, the putty remains flexible so the filler will not break or crack. This makes this Car Putty PRO the best putty for car, rims, spoilers, bumpers and more. In short, fill dents, cracks, holes and deep scratches in every car part and body panel by puttingtying with this CROP 2K Car Putty PRO!

Car putty and sanding? You need this grit!

Do you want to putty and sand your car with this 2K Car Putty PRO? Then read here with which sandpaper grit you can best sand the car putty for a super smooth end result and professional finish. For sanding polyester-based car putty, we recommend grit P80 to start with. Then continue sanding in steps to P120, P180 and P220 for a nice tightly sanded polyester putty. After the putty is dry you can apply your desired primer that serves as a primer for your paint.

Features CROP 2K Car Putty PRO 750ml

  • Professional car putty on polyester base
  • 750ml pot of putty is ideal for medium-sized jobs
  • 2K putty adheres to every car part and chassis
  • Polyester putty that is very soft and creamy
  • Stays flexible so the putty does not break or crack
  • Putty is easy to sand (P80 to P180)
  • This putty is air-drying at room temperature

Mixing ratio polyester 2K putty

The polyester 2K putty mixing ratio is 2 to 3%. Add between 2 and 3% hardener to the putty and mix the two components well while making the putty. Use a mixing pad with a spatula or putty knife to do this. Too much hardener can lead to too rapid curing and can also cause the putty to detach or mark through the paint. Therefore, always mix the putty with hardener carefully and avoid drawing in air while mixing.

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Pros and cons

  • 2K putty adheres strongly to any material car parts, chassis and rims
  • Polyester putty fills holes, cracks, dents and deep scratches
  • Very smooth to apply without micro pinholes or small holes
  • Air-drying and easy to sand to a smooth surface
  • After this filler you won't want another putty


SKU 2767-1505
Filler type 2K (2-component)
Brand CROP
Contents 750ml
Packaging per piece
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My new favorite
Previously I liked to work with expensive A brands but after this one there is no need! Amazing how easy this one is to work with. Building up multiple coats is super doable! Easy to sand as well.
Kees Jan vd Straeten |
Translated from Dutch
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