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Epoxy putty

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Epoxy putty

Epoxy putty is a 2 component filler with epoxy. Epoxy putty is used for filling wood, metal, iron, aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized steel. Putty with epoxy is enormously tough, durable and yet flexible. Because epoxy putty does not shrink, it remains good for up to 10 years after repair! This makes 2 component epoxy putty suitable for repairing damaged wood, holes or other dents and damages. After applying epoxy filler, you can sand the 2 component filler smooth to a smooth surface.

Epoxy filler

Epoxy filler is used as a 2K putty to smooth and level a surface. Surfaces or parts that have a dent, deep scratch or damage can be filled with epoxy filler. Epoxy filler is a 2 component putty that is waterproof and resistant to salt, algae and chemicals. Because of this, epoxy filler is used as a 2K putty for boats and ships.

2 component epoxy putty

2 component epoxy putty is a 2K filler that you have to mix hardener through. By adding the hardener to the 2K epoxy putty, the filler cures. After drying, the 2 component epoxy putty is easy to sand smooth. After the epoxy 2 component filler is sanded, you can paint this filler with any paint or lacquer you want.

Epoxy filler for wood

Epoxy putty to putty wood. The reason you can putty wood with epoxy filler is because after drying, this filler takes on the same properties as wood. Because of this, once the epoxy putty cures, you can treat wood as you always do by sanding, painting, varnishing or spraying. Epoxy filler is suitable for filling a staircase, floor, frame, door or other surfaces that are made of wood.

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