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2K Putty

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2 Pack Car Body Filler

If your car or vehicle has significant holes, damage and dents that won’t polish out, then it’s time to get filling. CROP stocks flexible fillers, polyester resins and everything else you need for your car bodywork project. Fillers and resins are applied directly to the affected area, building it back up. Once dry, you’ll need to shape them to match the contours of your car or vehicle.

2K filler consists of 2 components:

  1. The first component is automotive putty.
  2. The second component is the hardener.

The hardener activates the 2K car putty. 

Car Body Fillers

Rather than replacing entire body panels, car body filler enables you to repair damage to your vehicle’s bodywork. Once you’ve prepared and degreased the surface, mix the two pack car body filler. Once you’ve done this, apply car body filler to the surface on one layer at a time. Once it’s set, you can start sanding - making sure the area is smooth and ready for car paint.

2K Spray Putty

Two component spray putty can be used for filling pores and other imperfections as well as rough sanding scratches at the same time. Your fantastic filling won’t be ready to paint straight away. You’ll need to prepare the area to ensure a smooth and seamless finish. To complete your car repair project, choose the perfect car primer and colour-matched spray paint from our impressive car paint range.

2K Premium Putty

3M 51075 2K Heavy General Purpose Filler is made from top-quality resin that has the highest stain-resistance of the three, premium grade body fillers are the easiest to sand down and offer the best adhesion of filler materials to underlying surfaces. This type of putty is best used when high-quality work is required or there are large areas or dents needing to be repaired. Typical substrates are

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Fiberglass
  • Body Filler
  • Wood
  • 2K Car Primers
  • Aged, sanded OEM topcoats
  • Galvanized and other zinc-coated steel
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