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Putty Knives & Spreaders

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Putty Knives

Some hand tools like the putty knife are always being reached for in the toolbox. The putty knife is one of the most versatile hand tools you will have in your toolbox. It can be used for applying filler materials like putty filler, car body filler, applying compounds, scraping residue and any number of other applications.

A putty knife scraper can come in a number of variations including:

  • Plastic, stainless steel, brass blade or carbon steel
  • Flexible blade or stiff blade
  • Straight edge and angled edge blade
  • Flat edged blade and chiseled edged blade

Japanse Putty Knives and Metal Spreaders

Japanse putty knife scrapers are made of metal, with comfortable handle, allow for precise mixing of hard putty and hardener, and thanks to their flexibility facilitate proper spreading of putty on flat or rounded surfaces.

English Model Putty Knives

English model filling knife is the most used spatula. English model putty knives have a very smooth blade and provide optimum flexibility. These putty scrapers are often used to fill gaps.

German Model Putty Knives

German model filling knife is a simple knife that is less flexible than English model. This stiff blade spatula can be used for quick filling of any surface. The advantage of a German putty knife is that they are often less expensive compared to other putty scrapers. This German knife is often used with wall fillers.

Rubber Spreaders

Rubber spreaders are ideal for hollow and round surfaces. Flexible rubber spreaders with soft finish. The unique shape allows the spreader to be used to reshape more complex contours.

Plastic Spreaders

Plastic spreaders are specially designed for the application of putty and car body filler. Use the flexible spreader on flat surfaces and the super flexible spreader on curved surfaces. Made of plastic to avoid scratches, with flattened spread-edge, including grip.

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