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  1. CROP Kunststof Primer - Blik 1 liter
    CROP Plastic Primer 1 liter
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  2. PPG 1K Kunststof Primer in Blik
    PPG 1K Plastic Adhesion Promoter
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Buy automotive primer

Car primer is one of the most important aspects in car repair. Whether you’re spraying car paint or performing spot repair, you will need to use primer paint at some point. Auto primer generally refers to a paint layer that’s usually applied to freshly sanded or bare metal surfaces.

The importance of primer paint

Just like car spray paint, primer paint can be applied with a paint spray gun. Some people underestimate the importance of using car primer during car repair. Without auto primer as a buffer, car paint will lead to flaking, peeling and eventually rust. Primer paint is important for a number of reasons

  • Good filling power
  • Helps car spray paint to adhere on bare metal
  • Some are anti corrosive and prevent rust (epoxy)

1K epoxy primer with corrosion protection

1K epoxy primer has excellent adhesion and corrosion protection properties. Epoxy primer can be used on

  • All metal surfaces e.g. steel, stainless steel
  • Aluminium
  • Anodised aluminium
  • Brass
  • Sanded factory coats and old paint layers
  • Various plastics
  • Glass fibre-reinforced synthetic material

Quick dry primer

All 1K primers are quick drying because they consist of 1 stage primer paint. Also, paint layer thickness is considerably less thick than 2K auto primers. A quick dry primer undercoat is a multi-purpose primer paint that cuts preparation time in half. Quick dry primer provides an outstanding foundation to which topcoats can be applied.

1K primer filler spray can

Our car primer fillers can be used on all metal surfaces. Recommended for repairing small damages areas and spot repairs. It can be used on

  • All metal surfaces
  • Has a high filling capacity
  • Smooth flow properties
  • Fast drying

Primer paint can

We also sell a wide range of 1 component primer paint can. These car primers can easily be used with a paint spray-gun.